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FREE Bacterial Genome Sequencing Sample

Try one of Psomagen's newest service offerings with a FREE sample on your first order when you use promo code BGSFIRST.

Long-read sequencing technologies make it possible for researchers to obtain complete or near-complete bacterial genomes, without the need for short-read assembly. 

*Offer valid only in the US and Canada.

Try Olink Explore Partial Plates

Want to try out Olink Explore, but not ready to submit a full plate? Get the best of both worlds when you pilot partial plates — try Explore 384-Inflammation I and analyze between 16 and 88 samples.

*Offer valid only in the US and Canada. Samples must be submitted in quantities divisible by 8. Psomagen cannot guarantee a turnaround time for partial Inflammation plates. Quote must be issued before September 30, 2024. Samples must be received before December 31, 2024. 


Whole Plasmid Sequencing Free Sample

With long-read sequencing technology, gain additional insights into plasmid structure — faster and at a lower cost than traditional primer walking.

Get a free WPS sample when you make your first whole plasmid sequencing order with Psomagen.

*Offer valid only in the US and Canada. Use one-time promo code WPS0723.


Sanger Sequencing — FREE Reactions!

Let us help you get started on your next project! Whether you're new to Psomagen or a long-time customer, we have deals for you.

  • 10 free RXNs with your first order
  • 20 free RXNs when your referred client makes an order

*Offer valid only in the US and Canada. For referrals, referree must not have ordered from Psomagen in the last 24 months. Referrer and referee must be associated with different principal investigators and laboratories.


NovaSeq X Plus Run-Only Savings

Book a run-only lane and save! Through September, get your premade libraries sequenced on: 

  • NovaSeq X Plus 10B lane for as low as $1,450 when you use promo code 10B+LN24Q3 on ≥8 lanes
  • NovaSeq X Plus 25B lane for $2,790 when you use promo code 25B+LN24Q3
  • NovaSeq X Plus 25B full flowcell for $22,000 when you use promo code 25B+FC24Q3

*Offer valid only in the US and Canada. Valid on quotes issued and POs received until September 15, 2024. Samples must be received by September 30, 2024. Prices include Psomagen's standard turnaround terms. Priority and Express options are available for an additional fee. Max. 375 Gb per lane on 10B flowcell, ~950 Gb per lane on 25B flow cell. 

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FREE RCA Samples

Try out rolling circle amplification (direct colony sequencing) with five free samples on your first order. Use promo code RCAFIRST. 

*Offer valid only in the US and Canada. Use promo code RCAFIRST. Sanger sequencing will be charged after free RCA preparation. Offer ends August 31, 2024. 

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