We're Expanding Spatial with NanoString's CosMxTM SMI

Novel discoveries are just around the corner with CosMx high-plex RNA panels (1,000–6,000 targets). CosMx detects transcripts across a wide dynamic range, including low expressors. Confirm those transcripts locations with CosMx protein panels. Take advantage of  the Olink platform for matching tissue data with plasma/serum. 

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What Can You Do?

Access High-Plex Panels for Discovery

With a 1,000-plex RNA panel available today and 6,000 coming soon, CosMx is designed for making big discoveries. 

Map Cell Programs in Multiple Dimensions

Get to know your cells and their environment. With subcellular sensitivity and high-plex transcripts, CosMx delivers a map of all cells within the selected region.

Uncover Cell-to-Cell Interactions

Cell-to-cell communications are critical for understanding biological processes. Whether the goal is to delve into development, evaluate treatment impact in a PDX model, or monitor disease progression, the CosMx platform delivers. 

Segmentation by staining & AI algorithms

X, Y, Z transcript locations at subcellular sensitivity

Robust results from FFPE & Fresh tissue

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Available Panels

Work with panels designed by NanoString Technologies for meaningful, customizable insights.

  • Human Single-Cell Spatial RNA Analysis 1,000-plex

  • Immuno-Oncology Human Single-Cell Spatial RNA Analysis 100-plex

  • Immuno-Oncology Human High Resolution Spatial Proteomic Analysis

  • Neurology Mouse Single-Cell Spatial RNA Analysis 1,000-plex

  • Neurology Mouse High Resolution Spatial Proteomic Analysis

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