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We're Going Spatial With the 10x XeniumTM

Experience novel insights into cellular structure-function relationships with the 10x Genomics in situ analyzer, Xenium.  

10x Genomics’ padlock chemistry and large imaging area (12 x 24 mm) enable multiplexing samples and transcripts in the same run.

What Can You Do?

Characterize Cellular Programs

With subcellular profiling capabilities, the Xenium allows you to understand cellular function and mechanisms of action in extreme detail. 

Evaluate Biomarkers

With the ability to detect transcripts at a subcellular level across the entire tissue sample, you can define complex expression patterns. 

Analyze heterogeneous tumor and immune environments in the original tissue. Identify key therapeutic targets in oncology, immunology, and other major disease research areas. 

Monitor Treatment Efficacy

Spatial technology can provide a snapshot of individual cells during development and has even been used to study regeneration of limbs and organs.

Regenerative medicine is concerned with replacing damaged tissues with healthy versions to restore function to the patient. With spatial biology, researchers can now monitor cell therapies in the context of the tissue/organ they are intended to repair.

Xenium Panels with a CSP

10x Genomics Xenium panels are predesigned, validated, and curated to identify and characterize cells from human or mouse samples. Off-the-shelf panels are ready to ship. You can add up to 100 custom targets to any panel with 10X Genomics’ expert guidance.

As a 10x Genomics Certified Service Provider, Psomagen labs have the training and experience to help you explore: 


Full scan area (10.5 mm x 22.5 mm)


Run 2 slides in only 2 days


Human and mouse panels available


Explore fresh frozen or FFPE samples


Combine single cell and spatial insights


Analyze via free software

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