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Run Your Long Reads on Revio

Experience long reads and exceptional accuracy with the PacBio Revio.

HiFi sequencing technology can provide all the information you need about a genome — with just one run and no additional treatments.

About Revio

The latest long-read PacBio technology offers a 15× increase in read throughput and a shorter run time. Access reads tens of kilobases long, resolve large variants, and map difficult regions of the genome. Do all of this with exceptional accuracy (90% of bases ≥Q30 and median read accuracy ≥Q30), plus high accuracy on variants calls.

Through 2023, get exclusive deals when you run on the Revio with Psomagen and access new information from your human, microbial, plant, and animal samples.

What Can You Do?

Whole-Genome Sequencing

Get more information from your data. HiFi sequencing delivers whole genome sequence information with high accuracy (>99.9% Q30). It can also sequence through repeats and GC-rich regions and deliver variant calling with phasing + 5mC.

Call variants of all types, including:

  • Single-nucleotide variants (SNVs)
  • Small insertions and deletions (InDels)
  • Structural variants (SVs)

Do this with the highest precision and recall. In addition, HiFi sequencing can resolve even the most difficult repeats — like centromeres — to generate genomes with longer contigs.

Completely characterize human genomes or generate de novo assemblies of complex genomes from plant, animals, and microbes.

DNA Methylation

With the advanced technology included on the Revio, base-pair level methylation calling is possible in every run. Detect 5mC, even in difficult sequencing regions.

On the Revio, DNA methylation, hypomethylation, and differential methylation can be analyzed without bisulfite treatments. This is a valuable tool for epigenetic studies of immune response, haplotyping, and gene expression.

Single-Cell Transcriptomics

Access RNA isoforms at single-cell resolution with full-length transcripts. HiFi reads are combined with single-cell technology to sequence full-length RNA isoforms, achieving higher throughput and reduced sequencing needs for cost-effective single-cell isoform sequencing.

MAS-Seq can input single-cell cDNA generated using the 10x Chromium Next GEM Single Cell technology to produce sequencing-ready libraries that have a 16-fold throughput increase compared to regular single-cell Iso-Seq® libraries.

Targeted Sequencing

Sequence all protein-coding regions of the genome or a specific set of genes at a higher coverage. Detect low frequency mutations and identify specific SNPs and InDels.

By combining Twist Bioscience target enrichment with PacBio HiFi reads, you can access previously hard-to-sequence genomic regions (high homology, GC-rich, and repetitive regions), allowing you to resolve complex gene families.

Take the next step to sequence your priority genomic regions efficiently and at scale.


PacBio technologies are a trusted platform for generating complete microbial datasets. With HiFi long reads, you can conduct: 

  • 16S rRNA sequencing
  • Shotgun metagenomic profiling
  • Metagenome assembly
Ongoing Promotions

Save on Low-Pass Long-Read Human WGS

Whole-genome sequencing with PacBio HiFi technology delivers a more complete and accurate genome with long, single-molecule reads. Take advantage of low-pass long-reads at 12x coverage beginning at $1,250 per sample for a minimum of 2 samples. 

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